ARIADNE – Mentoring programs for female early career researchers

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    ARIADNE Networking Event postponed

    We have decided to postpone the event. Details will follow.





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    Save the date!

    On October 14, 18:00, we will bid farewell to the mentees of the current rounds of ARIADNEmed and ARIADNEphil. At the same time, we welcome the new mentees of both programs. It is our great pleasure to invite all mentees and mentors to this special event. Details on the program will follow.




FAUmentoring ARIADNE is part of the target agreements for increasing the proportion of women in academia between the university executive board and the faculties, which have been concluded in 2023 for the current period. The specific programs for each faculty are attached to the Office of Equality and Diversity.

ARIADNE mentoring supports promising female early career researchers and scientists at different levels of qualification. The core element is a one-to-one mentoring by an experienced scientist or researcher, offering individual advice on strategic and practical aspects of a scientific career.

Furthermore, ARIADNE comprises a tailored workshop program for mentees to develop personal competencies and offers various opportunities to build an academic network.

ARIADNE is operating according to the quality standards of Forum Mentoring e.V. (German version only). The programs are considered best practice within German academia.

If you are interested in benefitting as a mentee or contributing as a mentor, please select the program of your respective faculty to find more information.

ARIADNE - Das Karriere-Mentoringprogramm für Nachwuchswissenschaftlerinnen an der FAU