ARIADNETechNat is the career mentoring programme for young female scientists at FAU’s Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Sciences.

The programme supports and accompanies female students, doctoral candidates, post-doctoral researchers and W1 professors individually on their academic qualification path.

ARIADNETechNat is part of the Target agreements for increasing the proportion of women in science 2018-2022, which were concluded between the university executive and each faculty of FAU.

ARIADNE is operating according to the quality standards of the Forum Mentoring e.V..

Next programme start:
ARIADNETechNat master 2022: January 2022
Application period 05 Juli – 10 October 2021

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Webcast ARIADNETechNat (14:16 min)
Concept & Background – Content – Admission

The key element of the programme is an one-to-one mentoring, in which a less experienced person (mentee) is individually advised on strategic and practical career crafting by an experienced scientist of a higher qualification level (mentor). The idea of mentoring is a proven

instrument from the field of human resources development.

The mentoring is accompanied by a qualification-specific framework programme including career workshops and network meetings. Since 2020 the communication and event language of ARIADNETechNat is English to guarantee international female scientists unrestricted access to the programme.

The special characteristic of ARIADNE is the faculty-specific design of the individual programmes, which provides major advantages for mentees:

  • Mentees are given the opportunity to network with peers from their faculty
  • The career workshop programme can be tailored to the individual needs of the group

Participation in the programme supports the mentees in approaching their academic career in a targeted manner. The benefits for the mentee lie in

  • gaining valuable insights into the personal experiences of a professionally advanced person who is working successfully in academia
  • the acquisation of knowledge about structures and processes at university
  • the acquisation of career-relevant key qualifications and
  • the opportunity to expand the peer-network

ARIADNE deliberately does not provide a professional supervision but rather interdisciplinary mentoring. In order to rule out hierachical relationships, role conflicts or other reasons for bias between mentee and mentor, mentors do not come from the same scientific field of the mentee. However, the matching is carried out within the faculty, since a certain degree of subject proximity or similarities in academic culture and qualification paths are advantageous for the mentoring and increase the benefit for the mentee.The mentoring is a supplement to academic supervision and offers space for open and trusting exchange about individual questions on academic career crafting with an independent person.

In exceptional cases, mentors from the equal academic field are possible if hierarchical dependencies and biases can be ruled out. The most important criterion for matching is that the mentor is able to advise the mentee on the majority of her mentoring topics.

In the matching process, the mentee initially remains anonymous by name. Based on the needs and wishes expressed in the application process, the mentee receives a person suggestion for a potential mentor from the ARIADNE coordination. Enquiries to potential mentors are then only made after the mentee has given her consent.



  • Webcast ARIADNETechNat (14:16 min)
    Concept & Background – Content – Admission00:25 min  AGENDA

ARIADNE TechNat comes in qualification-specific varieties

ARIADNETechNat master is designed for female Master’s students and students with state examination degree. The programme offers one-to-one supervision by an experienced scientist as well as a framework programme consisting of workshops and other events on career-relevant topics. Network meetings of the TechNat mentees and all ARIADNE mentees of the FAU complete the programme.

You can look up the contents of the current ARIADNETechNat programme here.

The next round is expected to start in January 2022: Application period: 05 July – 10 October 2021

All details regarding the application can be found here.

ARIADNETechNat doc/postdoc+ is designed for female doctoral candidates and postdoctoral researchers (postdocs, Habilitandinnen, junior professors). The programme offers one-to-one mentoring by an experienced scientist as well as a comprehensive career workshop programme and network meetings.

You can look up the contents of the current ARIADNETechNat programme here.

The doc programme runs parallel to the doc programme. Doctoral and postdoctoral researchers essentially form a mentee group.
Postdocs will receive specialised training on postdoc-specific topics such as professorship appointments.

The next round is expected to start in January 2023 (subject to change).

All details regarding the application can be found here.